Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bravo ISRO !

The maiden launch of the brand new GSLV Mark III was a great success this morning.
This rocket is powered by two large Solid Rocket booster S200 that lift it in the air. About 2 minutes later, the center stage L110 is ignited and carry the laucher into space. The 2nd stage was just a dummy stage on that flight and will later rely on its cryogenic engine to give an orbital speed to the payload.

This 1st flight carried a mock up of future human capsule that splashed down in the India Ocean 20 minutes after lift off.

The rocket reminds me of a Titan IV that would have been thicker and shorter. It looks definitely massive and powerful.
I built a full model of that rocket in Sketchup in order to draw exploded views and cutaways of that little beast.

 GSLV mark III cutaway

  GSLV mark III exploded view

GSLV mark III almost ready for lift off !