Tuesday, July 17, 2012

multi role recovery capsule - 3 side view

Here is  a composite 3 views of the model in order to depict the overall shape of the capsule.
  • The front part hosts a Common Berthing Mechanism. It includes a large hatch of 127 cms wide that would have allow astronauts to carry large piece cargo to the Freedom station.
  • Beside the hatch, on each side of the capsule are located 2 RCS units in order to steer the spacecraft to and back from the station.
  • The bold red line is the edge of the reentry heatshield that ends the Command Module.
  • The back side of the ship is the service module. It protects the heatshield upto the reentry sequence, durig launch and maneuvers in orbit. But its main purpose in space is to hosts both the electrical production through solar panel and the telecommunication equipment to send data, voice and video back to earth or through relay satellites.
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